Nacarado 3cm Lot#3283 (118 x 75)

Nacarado 3cm Lot# 3283  118 x 75


Mystery White 2cm Lot#3292 (90 x 74)

Mystery White 2cm lot#3292 (90x74)

Colonial White Lot#3291 (126 x 71)

Colonial White 3cm Lot# 3291  126 x 71

Crema Marfil 3cm Lot#3288 (109 x 67)

Crema Marfil 3cm Lot#3288 (109x67)

Blue Agate 3cm Lot#3287 (120 x 68)

Blue Agate 3cm Lot#3287 (120x68)

Blue Maratica 3cm Lot#3287 (122 x 74)

Blue Martinica 3cm lot#3287 (122 x 74)

Emerald Green 3cm Lot#3287 (119 x 70)

Emerald Green lot#3287 (119x70)

Coliseum 3cm Lot#3887 (116 x 71)

Colesium Lot#3887 (116 x 71)

Palomino (W00d Stone) 3cm Lot#3275 (123 x 75)

Palomino 3cm (Wood Stone) Lot# 3275  123 x 75 LEVEL 5 EXOTIC

Roma Imperialle 3cm Lot#3275 (124 x 75)

Roma Imperialle 3cm Lot# 3275  124 x 75 LEVEL 5 EXOTIC

New Exotics In stock

Blanco Rhino 3cm Lot#3256 (123 x 78)

Bianco Rhino 3cm Lot#3256 (123x78)

Sea Pear 3cm Lot#3251 (117 x 65)

Sea Pearl Lot#3251 (117x65)

Bianco Neve 3cm Lot#3251 (118 x 67)

Bianco Neve lot#3251 (118x67)

Costa Esmeralda 3cm Lot# 3251 (117 x 78)

Costa Esmeralda lot#3251 (113x78)

Shadow Storm 3cm Lot#3250 (107 x 64)

Shadow Storm lot#3250 (107x64)

Strom Night 3cm Polished and Honed L0t#3250 (110 x 72)

Strom Night Lot#3250 (110x72)

Crystal Fantasy 2 and 3 cm Lot#3261 (114 x 69)

Crystal Fantasy 3cm lot#3261

Mont Blanc 3cm Lot#3256 (114 x 70)

Mont Blanc 3cm lot#3263 114X70

Taj Mahal 3cm lot#3256 (128 x 76)

Taj Mahal lot#3256 (128x73)



Granite Express USA is the largest and fastest growing granite distribution company in the southeast United States.  For the last fifteen years, we’ve been a leader in the Florida granite market and have taken our fast delivery, efficient service, and affordable prices across the continental United States with ten locations and we’re not stopping here.


Becoming a Granite Express customer will be one of the best choices you’ll ever make for your company.  In our industry, the importance of finding a stone supplier that meets your needs are paramount.  Together, with our vision and resources, we are that supplier.  Our network of associates are available nationwide to cater to your needs as a fabricator, builder, or designer.


  • The Strongest and Fastest Growing Granite Company in the World
  • Supplying the largest fabricators in the country with low cost granite from countries all over the worldwide.
  • Always available to provide you with your granite, marble, and onyx slabs as fast and as efficiently ever.
  • A growing team of experts that are the most knowledgeable of any distributor or supplier in the world.”